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Noodles November Report

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As 2020 draws to a close (and not a moment too soon), it’s time for Noodle’s update to keep her fan base boosted for summer and the silly season:

Summer’s here, although you’d hardly know it with the see-sawing temperatures and wildly variable weather we’ve been getting. So, please pardon me if I appear a tad disheveled and not my regular picture-purrfect, well-groomed self as I can’t decide whether to add to or shed from my coat.
The latter still causes derision for my house staff but all is forgiven once I adopt my wide-eyed, pitiful, forgive me look.
With the increased daylight hours now available, I’ve re-started longer neighbourhood rounds to ensure all is well in my universe. This also allows me to stop to smell the blooms along the way. All of which cause my staff to wonder what I get up to when I’m late for dinner.
Sunnier days additionally present a golden opportunity to catch some rays to shake off the winter pallor – please don’t envy my curves in all the right places bod!
They’re also a godsend to engage in stimulation for both mind and body as I engage in doing puzzles and practising yoga as I contort myself into cutesy poses to get some face time with my house staff to remind them of my dietary and play preferences.
It does require much energy to keep up this hectic schedule, which is why I grab every available chance to power nap to recharge my batteries and preserve my youthful looks – you humans ought to try this out more often. That way, more peace would reign in the world.
As the silly season bears down upon us, there will be some who decide to end it on a better note by choosing to adopt a pet. Bravo for you in doing so! A more joyful home environment should result as I’ve found that I light up any room I walk into. To those wanting to take up this option, remember we’re yours for life and not just for the holidays.
Best wishes for the festive season and a better 2021, though it wouldn’t take much for the latter to happen.


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