Update from Storm!

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Here is a lovely update on Storm, her people assure me she will love the attention of being on Facebook. They are wondering if she will climb the Christmas tree when it goes up. I am picking she will!
Hey CPL. Just some more on Storm. It’ll be about four months this Friday or Saturday we’ve had the crazy thing. She’s so funny – honestly the things she does. She has this new thing where she likes being on the roof for hours and she loves to be a bit naughty and scratch people’s beds or my suitcase. She’ll be very spoilt for Christmas; she already has four presents (all toys). When we first brought her home, she really didn’t like us picking her up. She still doesn’t like to be held but will let us hold her for longer than what she used to let us. Gotten a bit more fussier with her food and only likes jellimeat, eating so much a day and only at certain times of the day. She’s also gone from digging holes and throwing things out of pots to trying to pull plants out.