Update From Sisters Tamarillo and Rhubarb!

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We have received an update on beautiful shy girls Rhubarb and Tamarillo, who are now named Heidi and Maze. They are in the process of having a catio designed for them so they can have safe access outside.
Just want to give you quick update on our 2 beautiful girls. They are settling in well in the short space of time that they have been with us. I can honestly say I have been late for work every morning since having them as I must play with them, and we don’t seem to get much done when we come home as we like to spend time seeing how their day was and giving them lots of cuddles. Their choice of time for really letting loose is about 3am where the whole house becomes a racetrack 😂 Rhubarb now called Heidi doesn’t hide under her blanket anymore and we are so proud of her, she has become Mum’s girl, will come for me, and will get up on my chair for a cuddle and lets me pick her up and loves food. Tamarillo now Maze is into everything and if something is happening, she is in the middle of. They both love their toys and have their favourites, Maze loves anything that wiggles and Heidi is more of wiggle it in front of my face and a I may make an effort, but she likes to play with her toy mouse. Maze like to sleep with us on our bed, and is the vocal one.