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Update From Beautiful Frieda!

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We have received a lovely update showing how loved Frieda is in her new home:
I thought I’ll give an update on Frieda, the lovely senior cat we adopted in October. On the second day she had strided out confidently and explored every room in the house. She’s settled in very well and we’ve even started the slow process of harness training her since her condition means she cannot go outside unsupervised. By the second week she was already sleeping on the bed with us! She’s extremely chatty constantly talking to us and letting us know what she wants. She loves food and will eat anything we put in front of her wet or dry. Her other favourite activities are chasing her toy up and down the cat tower and peering over the fence at the neighbours. We’ve had people over and a dog visit and she’s completely unfazed and will come over to hang out with visitors. We’re really lucky to have her in our lives! Thank you for the work that you do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury