Update From Sweet Tottie

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So pleased to be able to share this update on sweet senior Tottie:
You will be happy to hear that Tottie is doing well and gaining some confidence. Starting in the spare bedroom with her food, litter box, scratching post and me, she slept under the bed for the first couple of nights before emerging to sleep at the bottom of the bed. Eventually she became confident to roam the whole house, it took a while. It was helped by a little woolen ball a friend gave her for “Christmas”, it contains cat nip and she loves chasing, biting and attacking it. Friend told me that she bought it from you, so I could well be back for another! I tried to move from the spare room to my bedroom, she was quite comfortable in there but too much so. The room catches the dawn light and she woke me up by, quite literally, bouncing off the walls! We are still overnighting in the spare room! She loves people as you know, and readily introduces herself to my friends. She does not climb on them so quickly now though and does not drool any more. She clearly misses me when I go out and I wonder what she is thinking. Does she know she is ‘home’ now and can fully relax? Does she know that when I go out I will return? She has enjoyed looking into the garden through my windows but is highly tentative about actually being outside. When I open a door she will not bolt through it. She slowly brings herself to the door, sits down, sniffs and listens etc. She tends not to wander out unless I am already outside and she can come to me. We are managing this slowly, depending on the day. I have introduced her to the whole garden, which is not huge but has 4 distinct areas and is fenced. While she likes my friends, she disliked one of them who is a ‘dog person’ even though he does not currently own, nor smell of dog! Still we have had our adventures. One day she decided to explore under a low deck (only about 30 cm off the ground) but open at both ends. It is dark under there and she became invisible, except for her eyes! haha, classic! Another time she saw a sparrow on the lawn, forgot her fears and gave chase. The sparrow narrowly escaped and nervously chattered to its family in the trees warning them of the presence of ‘cat’. They know don’t they.
Thank you for your wonderful assistance and care of the beautiful cats needing new homes.