Update From Kittens Owen and Pumba!

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Here is a great update on two kittens adopted on Christmas Eve, the perfect time to enjoy the Christmas tree!
‘Pumba’ [now Jasper] and ‘Owen’ [now Louie], became part of our family on the 24/12/2020. I have attached some photos of how they are doing – well settled in and owning their new home and interacting well with our sweet Goldie, Maia. Although from different litters, they have bonded really well and enjoy a lot of ‘rough-and-tumble’ play. Charging around the house like a herd of elephants! They are also incredibly ‘snuggly’ with Jasper claiming to sleep under my chin or near my shoulder, while Louie stretches out on my lap – he is a little longer than Jasper – such beautiful boys! I also had a lot of help dismantling their own personal climbing frame – the Xmas tree, as you will see in the photos. I was constantly collecting the many decorations off the floor, that had been removed from the tree in one way or another! They have now found that they can climb/jump on to most surfaces, we are having to kitten-proof the house. Thanks again for all your help – they are a real treat.