Noodles Summer Update

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It is with great pleasure that I pass on Noodle’s summer update:

Summer’s here – I think. It’s been kind of a mixed bag with blisteringly hot days matched by cool and sometimes rainy ones. Accord this to Mother Nature’s La Nina – I have nothing to do with it despite many believing cats have mystical powers.
The only thing that’s certain is the longer hours of daylight and I put them to good use by conserving energy in the way we cats expertly do. Some may call this a sheer waste of productive hours, but these dog days of summer are best spent lazing around in slumber. Also, this keeps me out of trouble and preserves my innate good looks. Don’t get me wrong – I still do my part around the home, like supervising my staff when they do garden tidy-ups and ensuring they do their best to clean up after my fur trails as I shed. I believe that humans need a sense of purpose and what better way to guide them than to insist my food and water bowls are kept clean and topped up regularly as well as assuring them there is hope for the world despite this nasty ongoing pandemic by purring away to soothe and calm the human spirit.
Before you know it autumn will be upon us and with that comes falling leaves, a nip in the air and shorter daylight hours. The perfect combination for naps aplenty! Call me predictable…
Stay safe and keep healthy till my next update.