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Update From Kitten Phoebe

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Here is a lovely update on Ziggy (nee Phoebe)
It has been one month since we adopted Phoebe, who we renamed to Ziggy. She’s settling into her new home extremely well, and has done wonderful with the change. She’s beyond cheeky, loves a good play with her toys and loves hiding and jumping out at us when we walk by. Ziggy has started going outside on a harness once a day to get her use to the outdoors – even though she’s not a fan of the harness, she loves rolling around on the grass. We will start letting her outside by herself as of next week when get home for an hour or two just so we make sure she doesn’t run away as she is a little crazy and super friendly with everyone that meets her!
We have noticed she’s not one for pats or cuddles if you start it, but when she wants pats and cuddles and comes to you first – she’s all for them. She loves laying in the sun through the windows during the day, and being in the linen closet when no one is home. She’s eating more than we ever expected – she loves grazing her biscuits during the day, and has half a tin of Fancy Feast in the morning before we leave for work and at night before bedtime.
We couldn’t be more happier with her. She’s a perfect fit for our little family.
Cats Protection League Canterbury