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Update From Nolan!

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Hi there feline friends and fans, Nolan speaking.  My new Mum Diane gave me my new home just before Christmas and also gave me a new name: TC (cool eh? After her favourite cartoon cat).
These days I come and go as I please as Mum bought me one of those microchip activated cat door thingies. Bit lacking in dignity as really I prefer her to open the door for me, but needs must.
Quite a few toys to play with here, and even two of those corrugated cardboard efforts for me to scratch on…the sofa is my preferred place but she claps her hands loudly when I do that so I’m not sure it’s popular. Oh and a scratchy pole.
The food is OK, but Mum thinks 4.30 is too early for me to yowl for brekkie, so she puts me out for some fresh air when I miaow at that time. Now that autumn is coming, I will be spending more nights on Mum’s bed, or maybe on the sofa, that is comfy too.
Happy days and tell the other cats waiting for new homes….it’s all good, the perfect owner will come along.
Love from TC
Cats Protection League Canterbury