Update from Tiger and Kiah!!

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Great to hear that senior pair Tiger and Kiah are so loved in their home:
We adopted Tiger and Kiah in August, so we’ve had them for almost 8 months now. We absolutely adore them, and I’m so happy they’re here!! There are lots of naps to be had because they are old bubs, but I bet the most surprising thing of all is that all Kiah wants to do is PLAY. Sometimes in the middle of the night, she’ll leave a trail of toys from the bedroom throughout the hallway. And once she’s done being fed, she’ll go lay down or sit by her toy and stare at you. It is hilarious. She is like a dog with how obsessed she is with her toys and playing. Our living room has turned into box town central because she’s obsessed with those too. Tiger also loves to play, although not as much as Kiah. His favourite spot is at the foot of the bed, which he loves whether we’re in it or not! He is a bossy boy around bed time and will pace and meow around me at about 9 pm to corral me into bed. From there, it’s five to ten minutes of petting before we lie down! He is a cuddle bug and just wants to be pet and cuddled. If you take Kiah to bed, she’ll hop off immediately, but she also gets upset if you don’t try at least once! She’ll usually join everyone in the middle of the night. Tiger also loves to sit at the window sill/at the edge of the sun room to soak up the sun. Thank you so much for letting us adopt these beautiful bubs!!! They’re our pride and joy.