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Update from Kitten Banjero!

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Here is a lovely update on kitten Smokey (nee Banjero) great to hear how happy he is, and look at his wonderful cat tree!
I thought I would send you an update on the lovely kitten that we recently adopted and was originally called Banjero. After our first encounter with him we decided as a family to rename Banjero to Smokey. He seems to be happy with his new name and has made himself very much at home with us. Smokey has been really settled and happy to use our litter tray from day one and loves to smooch and play with anyone who is around 😆 After a few weeks indoors he is now spending time with us in the garden during the day and loves to catch white butterflies out of our vege patch. Our kids really love him and we are super happy that we took the time to find the right kitten. Thanks for all your help and support 🥰 Here are a few pics of Smokey now at 21weeks old 🐈‍⬛
Cats Protection League Canterbury