Noodles autumn update!

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Here is Noodle’s Autumn update for us all to enjoy:
A recent report has found that 40% of house cats in the country are over-weight to obese. I have to convince my house staff that I do not fall into that category even though they consider me a well-rounded persona. I do my very best to keep fit by vaulting fences and may even take to the roofs of certain homes during my regular neighbourhood patrols – all the better to give me a vantage point to see and hear the comings and goings on in my fiefdom.
Also, now that the autumn leaves are forming – and falling – it allows me yet another fitness past time for my waking hours. I simply revel in chasing them around, particularly if there’s wind about and piling into those on the ground whenever I need a break from doing so. Such are the simple pleasures of life, apart from napping and feasting.
All of which seems to be lost in this age of modern living as humans feel the need to peer into their cell phones continuously instead of partaking in smelling the last of the blooms before winter sets in. The shorter days and cooling temperatures mean thicker clothes are in order and I am starting to pile on my winter coat, torti flecks matching the brilliant autumn hues perfectly.
Work keeps fascinating me as I watch and supervise my staff as they tidy the yard. It sort of makes me feel I should get a regular job instead of just being great company when the mood and opportunity present themselves. However, such wild thoughts are soon discarded as doing so means I need to stay awake longer, which will drive me up the walls (literally); so I should know well enough to abandon the idea and leave such menial aspects of life to humans.
So, take care for winter – stay warm, keep hydrated, don’t over-binge on comfort food and exercise regularly to stave off the blues.
Best Wishes