Update from sisters Penguin and Puffin

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It is a year since kitten sisters Penguin (tuxedo) and Puffin (black) went to their forever home:
We just wanted to give you an update on Penguin (now Miss Daisy Sunshine) and Puffin (now Pussy-Willow Moonbeam) who we adopted a year ago. Both Daisy and Willow are our very much loved and completely spoiled fur-babies. Although now young teens, they are still cute, a little bit crazy and we wouldn’t have them any other way as every day we get joy and a laugh from watching them interact with each other and their home environment. After three months being solely inside cats, we let them out and they love it! They only go out when we’re home and have become used to this routine now, enjoying the freedom to climb trees, chase birds and escape under the house to find mice, knowing it’s a short trip back to the ‘safe-house.’ Daisy loves toweling of any sort. Bath towels and tea towels are both on the list of her favourite thing to play with. Willow loves balls and being the boss of Daisy! They are still anti-social but if people are around long enough, they do come out from their hiding place to check things out and to eat. Sleeping quarters are everywhere and wherever they want, nothing is sacred. They no longer sleep cuddled up together, preferring their own space or stealing each others sleep space at that particular time. As for cuddles or sitting on knees….they’re not so keen. However they love head, chin and belly rubs as well as long slow pats. Thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do and especially thank you for our wee Daisy and Willow – we love them to bits!