Update from senior Jazzy!

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A heartwarming update on Jazzy, one of our lovely seniors homed a year ago after Solo, the previous senior adopted by the family, passed away:
It’s just over a year now since Jazzy came into our house and as she was about 18 years old at the time I didn’t know exactly how long we would have her for. As it turns out she shows no signs of ageing and in fact seems to have a new lease on life although she does spend a good part of the day and night sleeping. She is a real follower. Always following me hoping for a knee to sit on. She loves it when I’m out in the garden and longingly looks up at the trees however she is definitely an inside cat. I put her up a tree the other day and she shot along the branches like she was a 10 year old. As you will see she is sitting alongside Bruce who she has come to tolerate. Poor Bruce is our darling placid cat who managed to win Solo over and has now had to master Jazzy. I think he wonders what’s wrong with all these old cats that make them so intolerant of him for doing absolutely nothing. In another photo you can see she needs her own laptop to sit on. She is a pest in wanting to sit on the one I am working on so the only way to keep her at bay is to give her one of her own. Talk about spoilt.