Happy 5 year anniversary Noodle!

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Very happy to pass on Noodle’s anniversary update!

Time is really flying!
This month marks the fifth anniversary of my re-homing and it’s been a largely wonderful ride thus far.
Like all relationships, my house staff and I have had ups and downs, the latest being when I brought in a still live hunting trophy and released it in the lounge. I swear, I’ve never heard such huge amounts of what I thought was praise before being unceremoniously booted out of the house! That’s gratitude for you! They still don’t fancy me not being a lap warmer either or the call of the outdoors being strong with me, even when it’s bucketing down. However, I never underestimate the power of my purr or my innocent wide-eyed countenance upon my return to re-build bridges. I may no longer be kitten cute but I still know how to exploit my dashing good looks and natural charisma to diffuse any awkward situation.
Again, I am grateful for all at CPL Canty who discovered my innate charms and groomed me to becoming the superstar royalty I am today! It’s not easy ducking fans or having to watch what one does or says in public but it’s a price all we celebs pay. Despite the public admiration, it’s always nice to have a place one may call home to return to where love, support, warmth, shelter and vittles are freely found, despite the occasional hiccup.
Please do your bit and give a pet a good home and if you already have some on site, ensure that they are de-sexed so as not to add to the already large population of unwanted, uncared for animals – which breaks my heart to see or hear about.
Till my next posting, enjoy the thawing out and blooms that spring will bring. I’m already looking forward to shedding my winter coat to maximum effect to keep my house staff gainfully employed and realise the reason for their being.