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Update from Mary!

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Great to get an update on sweet Mary, her days as a stray are well and truly behind her (note the neighbour cat visiting in one of the photos):
It has been just over two years since we adopted Mary, she continues to rule the roost. Somewhere along the way she learnt how to count and tell the time. She normally has two portions of her breakfast biscuits. The first, first thing and the second at breakfast time. Occasionally when I’m running late she only gets the one. No fooling her, she lets me know she wants the second portion. She likes her tucker, a little too much, the vet has put her on a diet. Despite her early history with her spending a long time on the run Mary is the most placid cat that I’ve known and is very affectionate in some cases just a little too much! She is great company especially during lock down.
Thank you for all the work you do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury