Lovely update from Jasmine

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Six weeks ago I, Sophie (previously Jasmine), was adopted from CPL. At a year old my new parents say I have more energy than they have put together. They’ve already had a Jasmine, so Sophie I am.
I’ve settled well. Apparently, there is a bit of Bengal in me which means I’m very intelligent, very interactive and very into everything. I’ve formed a wonderful bond with my ‘aging’ parents and have firmly attached myself to my Dad – literally. I grab his limbs with all four paws. He ‘likes’ this. At the rate I dart down stairs in front of them, one of them will end up in a cast for sure. He can’t go anywhere without me as his shadow. I look like a tabby cat and tabby cats are known to be bit fruit loop like and I have a bit of that in me as well. I just have glorious spots and a few stripes.
I was eating corks like they were going out of fashion or at least biting bits off them but my favourite toy is a thing on a stick that Mum and Dad bought from a $2.00 shop type place. They had to take what was left of the ‘squashed’ bell off to protect my teeth, so that my first introduction to our vet in person wasn’t to have it surgically removed. NB The tinkle inside the bell was nowhere to be seen so it probably ended up in my litter tray! I require a lot of entertainment and have quite a toy box – corks, conkers and so on. Now I go outside I roam all over the place but I’m a good girl (when I’m not trying to hunt) and come inside when I’m called.
I’ve caught two blow flies mid air that came in through the balcony doors and my parents know historically that this means I’m likely to be a hunter “UGGGGG” where they are concerned. They have told me that “if they live in our trees, then they’re family members. We don’t EAT family members”. Sadly the nine girls that have gone before me in this family, took no notice either! Footnote at this point, sadly for my parents, I’ve claimed my first feathered trophy. I got told off!
I love my new family, they love me and so far in six weeks, I’ve disembowelled two CPL knitted catnip toys, wrecked my favourite stick toy so another had to be bought.
The best gift I can leave you with, even those visiting this page:
Fix your pets. Don’t let them breed. It really isn’t good for them.
If you want a new pet, get one from a shelter. They need a home and love. I’ve been blessed with both.