Update from Bella

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A lovely update on beautiful Ella (nee Bella)
Thought it was about time to contact you to let you all know how my lovely girl is getting on. Her name has changed from Bella to “Ella”. I dropped the B off as my daughter is named Bella but Ella is quite happy with the change. Ella is the most wonderful cat and couldn’t have wished for a better companion. She has made a few furry friends and they all seem to get on, at a distance though.
She really enjoys our time together in the garden and is always there when outside and sits close by when I read and have lunch and breakfast outside provided the weather is fine. She is very active and we play ball that is fun and when I go to bed at night we have snuggles then after an hour she toddles off to the lounge and has her own lazi-boy chair.
Thanks for the perfect match and I can assure you Ella is one contented cat.