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6 year update from Nero!

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Happy Anniversary to Nero and his family:
We adopted Nero 6 years ago Sunday. Nero is still full of beans and has the biggest personality. He enjoys stealing bouncy balls and golf balls from our neighborhood, we have quite the collection building. He loves to snuggle but he enjoys playing more. He is adventurous and it has been six years of being kept on our toes. He hasn’t slowed down that’s for sure. Nero enjoys being around people and he is often quite chatty and has a range of different noises he likes to make. He does things he knows he shouldn’t just to get attention. Nero is very intelligent and sneaky. He loves catching bugs such as cicadas, moths and praying mantis to play with inside. He doesn’t kill them, keeps them alive to play with them. When our dog passed away, Nero cuddled her and licked her paw as she moved on. It was a beautiful moment ❤️ anyway thank you for taking care of Nero until he found his forever home with us. He is the love of our lives and we don’t have one boring day with him.