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Update from Ziggy

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Wonderful to hear how two CPL cats are getting along despite their age difference 🙂
We adopted Ziggy on 13/11/21. She was born 1/9/21 and so is now 7.5 months old. We wanted to update CPL and let you guys know what a beautiful kitten she is and how well she has settled into her new home with her much older 10 year old “step-sister” Princess (also a CPL cat adopted January 2012). Ziggy is a wonderfully affectionate kitten and when we get home, or when she comes inside from exploring outside, she does the rounds of our 5 person family to get pats and snuggles. She has made many beds for herself and likes to share herself around all of our beds. Her favourite spot overnight is inside our washing hamper in the bathroom on top of our clothes, even though she has several proper cat beds. She is still quite playful with her big sister Princess, which is not always appreciated, but they are getting along pretty well now and seem to have a routine together. They have even been known to sleep on the same bed together, and once on the same lap, though supervision is required for these occasions as Ziggy can sometimes get a bit excited and annoy Princess by waking her up. In many ways Ziggy has given Princess a new lease of life and she seems a bit more content and less lonely. We are so glad we adopted Ziggy and one of our favourite family sayings now is “we are a two cat household”.
Thanks so much for everything you do to find cats like Ziggy a new home.