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Update from Midnight

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A lovely update on beautiful Opi (nee Midnight):
We wanted to give a wee update on Midnight (now Opi) who is doing amazing in her new home 😊 She has blossomed into a very chatty, playful and affectionate little cat, and she absolutely LOVES her wet food for breakfast, and will come to nibble our fingers in the morning if we don’t get it to her fast enough! She loves to be around us, and will chirp and meow at us if she’s not being fussed over enough. She also loves visitors, and will happily give them all the head butts. Despite being quite the flighty cat to begin with, she is not bothered by much anymore, and will even happily be around when the vacuum is out! She is honestly such a wonderful and loving cat, and it has been such a blessing to witness her develop her little personality. Our home is so complete with her 🥰