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Update from Tinkerbell

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Tinkerbell has been in her home for 15 months, great to have this update on her:
Initially there was a period of adjustment on both sides. But Tinkerbell, the talkative cat, has settled in well and is now the queen of the garden. On nice days she can be found lying in the sun or under the rosemary observing the wildlife. As it cools she might do a bit of running, jumping, climbing and strolling across shed roofs. Throughout the day she likes to check up on the staff inside and give a rundown of what she has seen or done. If they are not available for a debrief she is known to vocalize her displeasure loudly. If it turns cold, wet, or dark she returns indoors where she can keep an eye on her domain from her comfy chair in the conservatory or a range of window sills. For a restful nap there is the waterbed – which she permits the staff to sleep on at night.