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Happy anniversary Theo!

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Sharing a letter from Theo on his 4th anniversary 🙂
Hi guys,
It’s me Theo here…four years on from 22/7/18 when I came out of my igloo for that guy who came into my cell and then as I smooched up to him he asked his other half “what do you think?” and I knew they were putty in my paws.
Well so here I am still ever so grateful for the outcome as they are
still so my dutiful servants. Me and my pal Mouse, remember I introduced Mouse last year? are lovingly together making it through another winter. Mouse goes on frequent high-speed trips about the house in times of exuberance, alternated with my other playmate, Ball, but Mouse is my favourite so I keep a firm hold on him or her. I’m also still obsessed with getting into cupboards, drawers, cartons and bags.
Thanks for all you do for us furrbies…your grateful buddy Theo.