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Update from lovely Gerald!

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A lovely 6 month from adoption update on Gerald:
I’m immeasurably grateful for having had the ability to adopt and love Gerald – seriously life-changing! He’s become my best friend, sleeping pressed up against me every night, purring if I so much as exist near him 🥺 even if he does try and whack my chips out of my hands every time I open a packet 😅 He’s the most blissed out, cruisey cat I’ve ever had, perfectly happy as long as he can sleep by me, directly on top of the electric blanket of course! He truly has become my best friend in the world and makes it clear he loves me back just as much as I love him every time he rolls over and stares me down until I give him belly rubs – to earsplitting purring, of course! Thanks CPL for doing what you do and for giving me and Gerald the opportunity to love each other, he really is my best friend and I’m so glad I saw his cheesy mugshot on the website and fell instantly head over heels 🥰