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Noodles Anniversary Update!

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Happy Anniversary Noodle!

The drums have been beating, the semaphores are flashing, the smoke signals spewing – all telling me it’s time to issue my anniversary update! Six years have passed since I turned a house into a home after being selected over other options in the CPL cattery for re-homing – I put this down to great timing as I was just returned to their premises after coming out of fostering and there was the opportunity to make someone’s life more complete.
I fancy my good looks and bubbly, outgoing persona coupled to my wide-eyed, vulnerable look also tipped the scales in my favour.
Some mention in passing that I do tip the scales more these days. I just regard it as there being more of me to love – and pamper.
I thank all at CPL Canty for grooming me up for this task, my house staff for their steadfast acting as my support crew and most of all, you, my many fans! Moments of adulation are soooo good for boosting my self esteem.
This update is not all about self congratulation though as I hear that inflationary pressures are forcing some to relinquish pets. If this has to happen, please do the responsible thing and surrender them back to caring institutions instead of letting them become feral.
Unfortunately, inflation and supply chain issues have also impacted me – my favourite brand of treat biscuits is totally unavailable while cat food has gone up in price. It’s enough to make me have nightmares – not a nice development for one who needs to get as much beauty sleep as possible to keep the charm offensive going.
Till the next time…
Best Wishes

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