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Update from seniors Louey and Bailey!

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So lovely to hear how seniors Bailey and Louey have blossomed since their adoption:
This is an update on how the delightful seniors (14 years old) Bailey and Louey are doing since coming to live with us in February. They were very timid and extremely cautious wee things when we adopted them. The first few days were pretty tough for them. While they loved to have a cuddle and a pat they were extremely nervous and hated being picked up. Bailey (tabby) still hates being picked up but is no longer frightened. They both simply love the cuddles and a knee to sit on whenever they can. They have gradually grown to become trusting and Bailey in particular is like a wee shadow and follows me everywhere. They stick together a lot of the time and simply love being outside in the sun. When they first arrived it was a massive adventure for them to explore every corner of the property. As you will see in the photo with the three cats, Bruce our darling, tolerant and independent boy has accepted them just has he did with the two previous seniors we have had in earlier years. Our previous CPL cats Solo and Jazzy had a wonderful life and now Bailey and Louey are also living the dream. Louey has become a real hunter. We live next to a paddock and in the early days Bruce would bring in a mouse for Louey and he initially didn’t know what to do with it. Since then he has become a massive hunter himself much to my horror and Bailey’s curiosity. They bring us great joy every day and are happy and healthy. Although Louey’s arthritis does seem to trouble him a bit it certainly cannot be holding him back going by his hunting skills. Thank you to everyone who looked after them all the months they were at the CPL, we are appreciative of everything you do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury