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Update from Smokey!

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A lovely update on Smokey.  After he came to the cattery, a specialist appointment revealed Smokey has glaucoma and some limitations with his vision.  This means he requires twice daily eye drops and a secure inside lifestyle.  He was also very shy.  Please read on to discover the wonderful transformation in him:
Well, it has been a month today and I must say, I’m not sure who this cheeky house gremlin is, he definitely isn’t the timid frightened Smokey who moved in last month, he must be his alter ego “Mr Smokes” (one of many new nicknames) Mr Smokes enjoys tuna and treats, stares you down while you’re eating dinner and does zoomies around the house, squawking and chirping. He is playful, although he needs the snake to remain still and wiggle so he can hear it. He has no sense of personal space and enjoys singing by the bathroom door until you let him in and he can sit on the bath mat – naturally he’s received his own. Don’t let the innocent eyes fool you, that towel gets mauled frequently. We have a treat ritual, he knows where to go when I’m about to leave for work. And he loooves following the sun around the house. I think we are getting on well – he still gets frightened easily and I see glimmers of that timid Smokey, but with a bit of talking and reassurance, Mr Smokes is back, looking for his next scratch or treat.
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