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Update from Toby

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Here is a lovely update on gorgeous Toby (nee Tobias):
Just wanted to give a wee update on Toby (Tobias) who we adopted last October. Toby was a very shy boy and when we took him home, he was shaking with fear. We took things very gently with him and he was in his own room for a couple of weeks.
As he got to know us, and his new home, he slowly branched out and became more confident day by day. Today he is a completely different cat. He has come out of his shell and it is a delight to see. Nothing excites him more than his wet food in the morning and he’ll do lots of zoomies in eager anticipation. He loves sitting on my lap and will often follow me from room to room. When we go to bed, Toby goes to bed too and curls up with us (usually taking up all the space for my legs ha ha!). He’s a funny, delightful little character and is very much a part of our family. We love him so much.
Thank you CPL Canterbury for all that you do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury