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Update from lovely senior Gene!

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So happy to share an anniversary update on Gene. Gene was on medication for painful arthritis when adopted. His adopters sought vet advice on his medication, and with a change and lots of love and care from his adopters, Gene improved and has thrived:
A golden oldie of 11 when he came to live with us six years ago, he is still going strong at 17! He is enjoying his Otago based retirement and spends his days eating, sleeping and cultivating his catnip patch – which he assures us is for personal use only, no intent to supply. He has turned into such a cuddler – he has many beds around the house but loves nothing more than to cozy up and snooze on a lap, particularly this time of year in front of the fire. His arthritis is under control and the vet tells us he is in great health. He is a lovely old boy who has bought much joy to our lives. Thanks again for all that the team at CPL do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury