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Update from kitten Amelia

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A lovely update from torti kitten Amelia.  Sophie is her tabby big sister 🙂
A year ago my parents adopted Sophie from Cats Protection after their Gemma passed away from old age. Sophie is a healthy, gorgeous two year old tabby girl but suffers from anxiety and our vet decided that she should have a companion so Mum and Dad went shopping at CPL again and here I am.
I’m Amelia Joyce born around early May this year. I’m a typical tortie but not really naughty just playful and finding boundaries. I just race around being a normal curious kitten, behaving like a fully charged energiser bunny when awake and dead to the world when not. One of my haunting features is that my eyes are like little opals and they’re gorgeous, just like me. I have lots of fun playing with stuffed toys but noisy ones like rolling balls with bells get put away at night or else I delight in the wee small hours which isn’t altogether welcome. I’m indulged with the plushest of rugs – Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit no less and I respond by treating it as a blankie which has to be fought with and I usually win but sometimes I actually use it as a snuggle rug.
I’ve been perfect medicine for Sophie and the best news is that she is no longer anxious or fretful. She has sort of turned into a surrogate mother overnight. She accepted me willingly and plays with me all the time. We chase around the house and make quite a racket. Now I’m grown up enough to go venturing outside, she makes sure I don’t go wandering off and stays around anywhere I am to keep me safe. We snuggle up but she still won’t let me get in her snuggle bed which is clearly off limits, so I get into Mum and Dad’s instead. Plenty of room for all of us and I’ve learnt how to sneak in without detection with them only knowing when I want them to wake up by nibbling their noses. They ‘enjoy’ that.
Sophie is a great teacher. She’s always been an effective (annoying from our parents’ perspective) hunter and she brings rats and birds in for me to practice on. When I didn’t know what to do, she has adeptly been teaching me much to Mum and Dad’s chagrin. They’re not impressed at all but we don’t mind as we think it is fun.
I’m really good at helping with potted plants. We have (had) a plant in a tub in the stairwell then I happened and now it looks like – – – a pot full of stalks. I’m an avid gardener too. Mum planted some veggie seedlings so I dug those up as I didn’t want them where she put them. Now Dad is going to spoil my fun by putting a wire fence around our tomato plants when it’s time to plant them. As you can see from the movie clip, I’m really good at taking soil out of a pot and spreading it liberally all over the deck! I’m just helping, really I am. Sophie and I eat off our own plates but you know how it goes – “she might have something nicer than I have” so we pinch off each other’s plate. We call this quality control.
Like Sophie and all the others who have lived in our family before us, I am very happy, healthy, pampered beyond belief and absolutely and totally loved beyond imagine. If you are given a cat not from a shelter, please do it the best favour possible and get it fixed. If people out there need or want another family member, Sophie and I can recommend Cats Protection as your number one shop.
Before I go, I have to thank the lovely foster family who looked after and cared for me when I couldn’t myself. I’m so grateful for the love I received from them and I know they miss me but I need to reassure them that I have the best life ever. They have no need to worry about that.
Love from Amelia.
Cats Protection League Canterbury