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Update from Luke

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So happy to hear that Luke continues to blossom and become more confident in his home. A message from his adopter with a postscript from Luke:
Luke just loves to be petted, and I can now completely brush him without him running off. Luke loves his food especially his wet food, he will meow like he is starving. I also love the way, when you talk to Luke he will sit up, wrap his tail around his front paws and looks at you so intently. I can pat Luke on my bed, but when I go to sit on it or get into bed, he will jump off. Another improvement is when someone knocks on the door, he no longer hides under the bed, but when the gardener turns up its straight under the bed until he is gone 😊
Luke is a loving kitty who loves to give love bites, bunts round mum and my legs. There is a photo of Luke sitting at the slide door waiting for me to come back inside and the look on his face is just adorable. Lukey is so well loved, thank you once again for letting us adopt this precious love bug.
My house servants are treating me lovely. They leave me alone when I want to be. I love my hooman mum she gives me lots of attention when I need it. She showers me with lots of kisses and lots of my favourite noms. I have just started getting to know my hooman nanna, she comes and sees me every morning. I have so much love here that I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I love my hooman parents/servants,
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