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Update from shy Hercules

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Hercules was a sweet, somewhat shy cat at the cattery, so happy to share this update on how well he has settled in his home:
Hercules has been settling in quite nicely. To our surprise, he isn’t that shy around visitors. We’ve had friends visit, and even a larger group around for dinner the other night and he walked around like he owned the place! Saying hi and not running away and hiding. He is incredibly talkative and absolutely loves food! No need for an alarm clock, there he is at 6.30am requesting to be fed. We cannot leave anything out on the bench otherwise he will sniff it out. Loves pushing his way into the fridge when it is opened. Hasn’t been too interested in climbing the cat tower we got him but enjoys playing with the toys for a few minutes. He is incredibly snuggly, we can pick him up and cradle him like a baby. He loves sleeping on the bed. He loves getting right up in my face and for some reason likes to lick. He still is a bit nervous around a few things so still waiting a little while longer before we introduce him to the garden outside.
Just wanted to say thanks to the team and for all the great work you all do.
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