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Adopted: Malani and Toya

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Malani (black and white) is about 6 years old and her housemate Toya (calico tortie) is a little older at about 8 years old.  They are both pedigree Exotics.  Sweet and affectionate, they are very relaxed around people and love fuss and cuddles.

Malani and Toya were surrendered to CPL because their owner was unable to continue with their care.  They are closely bonded so they need to be adopted as a pair.

Like all flat-faced pets, Malani and Toya are cute but high maintenance – they require daily grooming, their ears, eyes and noses need to be kept clean and they are prone to respiratory issues.  We would prefer that they to go to a new owner who has prior experience with Exotics or Persians.    Malani and Toya’s adoption fee is higher than our standard rate.

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