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Update on darling Tigger

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Darling Tigger was very shy at the cattery, spending a lot of time under his blankets. So lovely to get this update:
We thought we would share our success story with Tigger (11 yrs).
We adopted Tigger in late August 2022. For the first few days he mostly hid under the couch. We were able to lure him out with some treats and pats and he has barely been back under since. He is truly reliving his youth: running around after his toys, jumping up on the cat tree and chairs, meowing for attention and lounging on a bag in the sun (instead of the nice cat bed we got him lol). He still loves his mouse that he brought home from the cattery. He will carry it around the house in his mouth whilst meowing. Every morning he will let us know when he wants his breakfast. He will jump on the bed and start tapping our faces with his paw until we respond. Sometimes, he’s not even hungry, he just wants some pats. He is the perfect addition to the family.
Cats Protection League Canterbury