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Update from Hollis

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Here is a lovely update on sweet Holly (nee Hollis)
It has been a couple months since we adopted Holly. (He was called Hollis by you) He was kept inside for six weeks as instructed and after one night under the bed decided we were not going to leave again and merged into the family. He sleeps with me and loves the fact there are no bars so he runs around the house a fair bit. He became curious about where I was going when I went out the back (I was in the process of landscaping the garden) so he now enjoys both the outside and the inside. I was very reluctant to let him explore but it’s been two days now that he has left the property (however brief) and returned on been called. Plus he taps on the back door screen when he wants in each time. He has a constant purr and seems to be totally happy and comfortable with our setting and his home
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