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Update from Indy

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This lovely update on beautiful Indy was sent in at the end of November (sorry its a bit late Indy!!!):
Today it’s officially 1 month since we adopted Indy so I wanted to let you know how she has been. She has really blossomed into a chatty, funny and sweet girl. She spent her first day sniffing absolutely everything and exploring before retreating under our bed for a few hours, but she then slept on our bed that evening. It took a while for her to become less jumpy and she still has moments where she startles easily (but so do I so she is in good company!). She found the recent thunderstorm particularly difficult but she has a wee hiding place in our closet she likes to retreat to if she’s not feeling safe. She had no issues with the fireworks but we were very vigilant about ensuring her comfort and safety should she find the outside noises distressing. She absolutely loves hanging out in our sunroom, which we have set up especially for her. She has a little chair with her blankies on that she snoozes on, and when the sliding door leading from the sunroom to the living room is closed she will pop out through the catflap to lounge in the sunroom. The sunroom has 3 sides that are completely glass, so we have put net curtains up to provide more protection against the sun on 2 sides. She will hiss at any feline interlopers that come past, except for our neighbour’s lovely big ginger boy Rocket. She mews at him and he has actually come onto the steps in an effort to nose boop her through the glass. It’s incredibly cute. She is eating and drinking well and toileting regularly, and in the first few weeks she would wait patiently for meals but now she’s actively asking for them. In fact, she woke me up this morning at 5:30am because I’m normally up on weekdays by then to get ready for work and give her her breakfast! She also likes to ‘groom’ us and has a nightly ritual of lap sitting before bed. She’s grown into a chatty and sweet little girl and our lives have been enriched by adopting her. Thank you so much for the work that you do!
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