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Happy anniversary Impa!

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Here is another lovely first anniversary update from Impa (nee Millie):
Impa has been a perfect addition. After spending the first few hours hiding under the couch (see the first photo), once she finally braved the living room she immediately became an absolute cuddlebug. She’s constantly smooching, and I’ve never known a cat that loves belly rubs as much as Impa does. Her personality ranges from mature regality to kittenish chaos depending on her mood.
It’s been amazing seeing her progress. From being literally afraid of cat toys to having a favourite; from running to another room whenever I picked up a water bottle to tolerating their existence; from persistent silence to yelling at me if I don’t go to bed on time😆
I’m so glad I brought her home, she’s an amazing cat and is very much loved.
Cats Protection League Canterbury