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Update from darling Koa

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Beautiful photos and a lovely update from Koa’s family.  A wee note first, his adopter has asked that followers be reminded of the dangers of lilies.  Koa had a brief encounter (he is fine) but his family was shocked to discover when researching how toxic they can be to cats.  Here is his update, including a very good grooming tip/trick:
As time went on, it was so difficult to keep him inside and we found he was very good just walking around with us, but the odd time he would get away as his confidence grew. This was not going to do, so we fenced in the whole property! and now he has a quarter acre of woodland and grassy areas to walk around on. Funny thing is, he always looks for us to walk with him, now he had his freedom. He has favourite spots under certain hostas and maple trees where he likes to spend the hot afternoons. He is never out of our sight though and only goes outside with us. So funny that he doesn’t realise he can go to the toilet outside and every once in a while, there is a mad dash to the toilet box inside. He is extremely loving, but we still can’t get him to settle on our laps, and he doesn’t like being picked up. The only way we can get him on our knee is with a treat. In saying that, he always like to be with us and loves lots of pats. I am getting so much better with the grooming. I noticed how good he is when he goes to the vet and they can do almost anything with him, so each day I take him to the laundry bench and make out like I’m the vet and the grooming has become quite effortless.
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