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Update from big Nelson!

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Here is Nelson living a great life:
I wanted to share an update on Nelson since it’s been a lil over a year now since I adopted him! Nelson is doing so well, he’s blossomed into such a chirpy man, loves his snuggles and sleeping in. Nelson and I made a big move from Christchurch to the upper north island, and he travelled so well! Over two days of travel, lots of driving and a wee trip on the ferry, he got plenty of treats and cuddles. We live somewhere he can get a bit of monitored outside time, he often sits on the awning outside my office window and takes in the morning breeze! We have farm animals here and the first time he saw our cows he hid under the bed, now he’s accustomed to hearing them moo outside my bedroom window. Here’s some photos of Mr Nelly Belly 😋
Cats Protection League Canterbury