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Update from Mr Smokes

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A lovely update on handsome Mr Smokes (nee Smokey) who has poor vision due to glaucoma:

Just wanted to send a wee update on Mr Smokes six months with me. What a joy Mr Smokes is, he is much more affectionate than I ever expected he’d be, he seems happy to see me when I get home and frequently follows me around the house. He even supervises me when I’m working from home from the cat bed on my desk. I built him a Catio at Xmas time and he’s been loving the outdoors, eating grass and sleeping in the sun. His towel is now on a low
hammock off the deck where he likes to go when it’s hot. He’s still wary of others but is warming to some if my frequent visitors – having outside allows him space so he can take himself away when he needs. He’s not a massive eater but loves treats after his drops – his sight is pretty much the same. He sheds something chronic but he is warming to regular brushing. He seems happy and settled, much less skittish although he does get a fright easy. Hates raincoats but if you talk to him he can cope ok. While he’s not typically a lap cat, he likes to be picked up for a cuddle and scratch – his eyes always go wide and he gazes around I think he likes the different perspective. He’s such a lovely companion.

Cats Protection League Canterbury