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Noodle’s summer update

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Here is Noodle’s update for you all to enjoy this cooler evening:

I am truly at a loss for meows, purrs and chirps as I give my many fans this update. Recent wild weather events in the North Island have left wide devastation on a scale that has impacted many with tragic loss of life, property, livestock and crops necessary to maintain livelihoods. Not to mention lost pets as we are part of the family too. To those affected, I convey the wish for a speedy return to normalcy and that in the company of loved ones, the reconstruction of your lives progresses without obstacles.
In saying the above, it makes me feel somewhat guilty that I’ve been maximizing summer by soaking up rays while staying sun safe and keeping clear of the bees that go about pollinating to make it possible for us to enjoy the resulting blooms. I’ve even given the birds a wide berth as I snooze away these long, lazy days. The best revenge on life is to live it well – a notion that I hope will be held by those re-constructing their lives as well as those who have been mercifully spared.
I’m now off to hang out my Do Not Disturb sign till my next update. ZZZ

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