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Happy anniversary Luke!

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Wishing a happy second anniversary to Luke and his family. Luke was very shy and withdrawn at the cattery. His family have given him love and acceptance, and he has blossomed:
It is hard to believe that it was 2 years ago, that we came into the CPL and bought Luke home. The changes he has made in the last 2 years have been remarkable. Luke now sleeps on my bed with me and in it and he loves to come up beside me and snuggle with me, Luke now jumps up on my bed when called. Luke is definitely happier in his surroundings. He still dribbles and purrs when you scratch him under the chin, and behind the ears. The things that he loves the most is to snuggle next to you at night especially if it is cold. Luke has such a loving purrsanlility, and he is just so adorable, he still has the catnip ball that we got the day we bought him home. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this loving fluffball, and goofball.
Cats Protection League Canterbury