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Update from lovely Ben

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Here is a lovely update on gorgeous gentle Ben:
I thought I’d send another little update on Ben. He’s been here for almost 4 months now and he’s very much part of the family. We all love him and I’m pretty sure he loves us back. He’s a very social boy and is never far from our side. He’s not really a lap cat but he will happily lie next to us on the couch or at our feet like a dog. He does love it when he is held like a baby and gently rocked. He purrs constantly and follows us around the house especially at dinner time… of course. He loves loves loves food! He’s gained lots of confidence. Noises don’t freak him out anymore except for the vacuum cleaner, he’s still not a fan of that. He’s become a very chatty boy, especially when he wants something, like wanting to be let outside. This tells me he’s gained lots of confidence, he’s less timid and becoming very assertive. He loves going outside and exploring. He’s established his territory and we don’t get strange cats coming into our garden anymore. Ben has had a few cat fights, but he’s been victorious and the garden is now his domain. After dinner he’s under house arrest, as we’ve learned the hard way that once he’s out at night he won’t come back until the morning. He always comes when you call him except at night. He’s starting to get used to that routine of being at home all night, but some nights he gets very restless and whingy. He’ll even stand on his hind legs and try and open the door with his front paws to get outside. It’s very cute and I think if the door wasn’t locked he’d eventually succeed in opening it. He’s not as dumb as he first appears. All in all I think Ben has been a great choice for our family and he’s pretty much won the cat lottery as we are besotted with him and spoil him rotten.
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