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Update from Lucy

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Very happy to share this update on Lucy (nee Lucretia):
I thought it would nice to give you an update on Lucy (formally Lucretia). We adopted her about 3 weeks ago and we have fallen in love with her!! She’s still getting used to the house and the new noises. She is the most loving cat with the biggest purr! She can still let you know if she doesn’t want to be picked up! As soon as my partner gets home from work she is on his knee for most of the night. My partner thinks it’s great as he gets out of doing the dishes!! He is totally besotted with this little cat. She is a little bit on the tubby side and we have changed her to a weight management wet food. Lucy has her bed during the day behind the spare bed in my partners office. She sleeps most of the day getting up at lunch time for some bikkies and then at tea time.. Play times are morning and night!! Trying to burn off some calories! We think you guys are doing a wonderful job looking after all those little cats. Thanks for all you do.
Cats Protection League Canterbury