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Charity Shop Closure

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It is with sadness that we have to announce that CPL has decided to close its Charity Shop.  Despite our best endeavours and the hard work of our volunteers, CPL has had to look at whether the Charity Shop is a viable part of our fundraising.  In considering this, we have looked at what is happening nationally and internationally with Charity Shops.  They are on the decline due to internet shopping (and therefore less foot traffic and retail spend), lack of quality donations, and volunteer shortages.  In order to maintain a Charity Shop, CPL would be required to innovate and diversify.  This would then become the focus of the charity rather than cats protection.
We want to thank everyone for their support of the Charity Shop.  We thank our volunteers who have helped us over the years, the community who have donated goods or bought goods, and all of you who love our cats and what we do for them.
We remain committed to our mission of helping the cats and kittens of Canterbury.  Here’s a picture of Gracie who is waiting for her new home.  Hopefully, despite our sad news, this picture will make you smile.
Cats Protection League Canterbury