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Noodles May update

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Here is a Noodle update to brighten a cold grey day!
Time flies when you’re having fun – or in my case, napping to ensure I have the wherewithal to spread my good cheer (not to mention preserve my good looks) Thus, it’s time for an update from moi! I was recently unceremoniously carted off for my annual health check despite my loud protestations. It’s no fun being poked and prodded with a jab thrown in for good measure, but I suppose this rigmarole is essential if I am to provide some justification for my house staff being useful. I now assure my ardent followers to fear not, for my medical team has given the OK to keep living life to the full, cavorting around the neighbourhood, staring my house staff into submission to fill my food bowls (note the plural) and giving them face time in exchange for being stroked and brushed down. I am working on my apothecary’s advice to shed some weight but the last thing I want is to lose my cherubic good looks that have served me so well till now in finding a home, getting fed on request and watching the neighbours from various fence lines without drawing their rebuke. Why mess with a good thing after all? Winter lies around the corner and with that it’s time to fluff my coat up to ward off the cold, even though I am already an expert at chilling out. I may use this in my defence about weight. The old line of does this outfit make me look fat comes to some good use! Stay safe and keep warm till my next update. I shall attempt to keep out of trouble by engaging in some ZZZs!
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