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Update from Leo

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A lovely update on handsome Leo:
An update on Leo (who we adopted at the start of 2022).
Leo’s time with us has been nothing short of interesting! When we first met him, we thought he was quiet, but boy were we wrong! He’s one of the most vocal cats we’ve ever met! He settled in quickly, although there were some bumps along the way. He was anxious around other people and the neighbourhood cats and this led to some erratic behaviour, but as the trust grew between us it’s been absolutely heartwarming to see him grow into his own.
Known amongst people who have met him as the cat with the giant head and paws, he enjoys sleeping in various contorted positions and has several favourite sleeping spots. We went overseas during January and had to place him in a cattery, people say cats don’t miss you but I strongly disagree, I think the poor boy thought he’d been abandoned again, he wouldn’t leave our side for the next 2 weeks after we were back! He now proudly struts into a room full of people and will curl up on one of our knees, his day starts at 6.30am when he wakes us up with a loud meow to let us know it’s time for breakfast and he’s even started to socialise with the other cats around! He’s the first animal we’ve had as a couple and when given the time, Leo is such a sweet, sweet boy. We love him very much.
Thank you for all the work you do at CPL.
Cats Protection League Canterbury