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ADOPTED: Britta and Odette

Britta and Odette are about 1 year old and came into CPL care when their owners moved overseas.

Britta and Odette are sisters. They are shy but friendly and playful once settled. Britta thinks she is the boss, but somehow Odette always seems to get the comfier bed. They are not used to children or dogs.

Britta and Odette were rescued as tiny kittens and nursed back to health by their owners, so they have been through a lot together. We would like them to be adopted as a pair.


Gizmo is about 2 years old and came into CPL care with her kittens Elvis and Priscilla when their owner moved overseas. The kittens have both been adopted so it is now mama’s turn to “fly the nest”.

Gizmo is shy at first, but once settled she blossoms into a friendly, cuddly and playful wee girl.

Adopted Lily and Rosie

Lily is about 8 years old and housemate Rosie about 5 years old. They were surrendered to CPL when their elderly owner went into care.

Lily is a tortoiseshell domestic longhair and Rosie is a blue lynx-point Siamese. They are friendly and good-natured, Lily is the more confident while Rosie is shy until she knows you.

Lily and Rosie are the best of friends and we would like them to be adopted as a pair.

Adopted Abby

Abby is about 3 years old and came into CPL care as a stray. She has clearly seen tough times and will benefit from some pampering.

Abby is friendly and sweet-natured. She enjoys sitting on your lap where she will dribble contentedly. She is not keen on other cats and will best suit as a pampered one-and-only.