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Zeta is about 2 years old and was first surrendered to CPL a couple of months ago because her owner was unable to continue with her care.  She has had two attempted adoptions but has been returned both times.

Zeta is a friendly, assertive cat but she can lash out when frustrated, so she will best suit as being an only pet in an adult home.  Her new owner will need to have previous experience of short tempered cats and be able to handle the difficult first few weeks while she settles in.  We think she will do better where there is plenty of space for her to let off steam.

Zeta will need regular grooming.  She is prone to bladder infections when stressed and will need a special urinary or calming diet to help with this.



Lucas is about 1 year old and came into CPL care with litter-mates Lazarus, Lucia, Leah ( these three have already adopted) and Lydia (still available) after being left behind when their owner moved.

Lucas is very shy but gaining confidence over time.  He is friendly and affectionate once he knows you so, while he has clearly missed out on early socialization, he will blossom into a charming companion in a supportive environment.

Lucas will suit a quiet adult home and a patient new owner who is happy to continue with his socialisation.  He may enjoy the company of another cat and will need to be kept indoors for an extended period to ensure he settles properly.

Update on Tama

Happy to share this update on Tama, a lovely senior adopted late September:

We recently adopted Tama! Hes doing so well, he has settled in nicely. He loves lazing under the heat pump and snoring his head off! We have discovered that he enjoys being showered as he tries to get in when anyones having a shower haha! He’s also come right out of his shell, and isnt afraid to talk until we are asleep 😇😇

Update on Margarite!

We have received a lovely update on sweet Margarite (now Lou):

I just wanted to give you an update on Lou (was Margarite) who I adopted just before Christmas last year. She is an absolute delight and we became firm friends very quickly. She talks A LOT and plays with her toys just like a kitten – running, jumping, forward roll extraordinaire! Her bio was misleading though – it stated she didn’t have the naughty torti tendencies that so many torties have. Big lie. She’s into everything!! She’s also a master hunter with birds, rats, mice and lizards being lovingly delivered whenever the weather is nice. However, she is also a night time lap sitter though which has been cosy through winter.
So I just wanted to say thank you for introducing us. She really is gorgeous!!