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The Shoe Bandit of Rangiora!!!

If you are missing your shoes in the Rangiora area check out Cooper Cat’s facebook page! Known as Harley while in our care – we knew he had a shoe fetish but his owner currently has 60 unclaimed shoes!  Here are a few examples below.

“I am cooper, I was adopted from the Cats Protection League over 2 years ago and was originally Harley.  I am driving my owners crazy with my exploits, with around 60 shoes unclaimed by their owners. (out of around 100 taken since Sept)”

A collection of shoes waiting for their owners

Cooper sulking that some of his shoes have been reunited with their rightful owners

If you live in this area of Rangiora and are missing footwear, I think I know a cat who can help…


Update on Bentley

Here is another lovely adoption update:

Hi there, just wanted to send you a wee update on Benji (used to be Bentley). We’ve had him for 3 weeks and he has definitely settled in and come out of his shell – no more hiding all day 🙂 He loves cuddles but also has an independent streak. Loves napping, soft blankets and fire gazing. For a kitty getting on his years, he loves to play – he adores his knitted catnip mouse and cardboard boxes. He really is the perfect kitty for us. Thanks Cats Protection League.x

Update on Gaia

Sweet kitten Gaia was adopted in May, and her adopter has sent us these photos of her posing for us, and a lovely update:

Hi there, we adopted our beautiful girl Gaia from you in May. Just wanted to send through an update and pictures of her. She’s full of energy, tries to boss our 6 year old cat around haha. She loves to be told she’s pretty, likes to be “petted with your eyes” lol, pokes her tongue out when she’s having cuddles. Greets anyone who comes through the door, very confident, independent, knows her mind, beautiful girl. Thank you for helping her find her forever home with us 😊

Nacho and Margarita

Margarita is about 4 years old and her son Nacho is about 2 years old.  They have come into CPL care because they were not getting along with the other cats in their home.

Margarita and Nacho will be friendly once settled but at the moment they are finding the cattery rather overwhelming.  They will suit a quiet adult home where they are the only pets, and a patient new owner who is happy to help them find their confidence.  As they are closely bonded we would like them to be adopted as a pair.