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Update from Petra

We recieved this cozy update the other cold evening.  Ten year young Petra (now Peppa) was adopted in January, here she is snug and smiling on a fluffy rug:

Hiya! I thought you might like an update on Petra who Is now Peppa and was adopted by my grandparents ❤️ she has adjusted to the comings and goings of great grandchildren visiting and is quite happy. Definitely fell on her feet.

Update from Bubbles and Patches!

Bubbles and Patches are bonded brothers who were adopted in early September, it is lovely to share this update now they are well settled in their forever home:

Morning! I thought I’d give you an update on Bubbles and Patches (now Davros and Jimmy). They’ve finally settled in and are really happy.  Davros hid for a good few days but now loves his pats and cuddles.  They both love to sprint around at 5 in the morning to wake me up for food 😂

Update on Libby

Beautiful Libby who was adopted two months ago is another shy cat who has blossomed in her new home.  Here are some photos and an update (see how confidently she is holding her tail straight up!)

Hi Libby is doing really well and has become very loving, playful and vocal.  She has been outside and comes back in when called.  She is very talkative and follows me around a bit like a dog.

Raymond the Quake Cat

We received this heartwarming update the other day:

Raymond was adopted from CPL Canterbury 4 years ago in October 2014.  A year after we adopted him we realised that he was rather famous as we stumbled across his story in the “Quake Cats” book!  Raymond was a nervous, anxious cat and took a long time to settle in properly but after four years he has transformed into a confident loving cat who loves his routines and happily cohabitates with Roxy his black lab sister who was introduced as a puppy 2 years ago, in fact Raymond is the boss of her!  Raymond’s stardom has increased even further this year with his own Instagram page @raymondthequakecat where he has over 650 followers from all around the world!
The transformation in Raymond over the four years has been huge and rewarding to see so we wanted to provide this update in the hope that other people consider adopting a cat from CPL Canterbury.