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Adopted: Smooch

Smooch is about 8 years old and came into CPL care when her owner moved and was unable to take her along.

Smooch is a friendly, confident and active girl who lives up to her name.  Rather portly, she is inclined to get underfoot and can knock you flying with her some of her more enthusiastic headbutts.

Smooch will be best as the only cat in her new home but may be okay with older children.  While her weight is not a serious concern at the moment she may benefit from some strict portion control to prevent her getting any more curvaceous.

Adopted: Marley

Marley is about 7 years old and came into CPL care when his owner moved and was unable to take him along.

Marley is shy at first but friendly and smoochy once he finds his feet.  He will be best as an only cat and, as he startles easily, will suit a home without young children.

Marley is on a special diet for urinary issues (a common problem in middle aged male cats, especially if they are a little anxious) and this will need to be continued.

Adopted: Holly

Holly is about 10 years old and came into CPL care when her owners moved and were unable to take her with them.  Their daughter took her on, but she didn’t settle in her busy family home.

Holly is confident and friendly on her own terms.  She arrived from the vet clinic feisty and furious but has mellowed considerably since then and enjoys polite attention.  She will suit a quiet adult home with no other pets, and an owner experienced in the finer points of tablets, cat carriers and the feline temperament.

Adopted: Rosie and Kera

Tabby Rosie is about 3 years old and her black and white tuxedo companion Kera is about 6 years old.  They were surrendered to CPL when their owner went into a rest home.  Rosie was the owner’s original pet and Kera was taken on later as a stray.

Rosie and Kera are both friendly and confident once settled.  Although they don’t initially seem close, they find each others’ company reassuring so we would like them to be adopted as a pair.  They can find male company a little daunting as they have not had much experience with men.